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Razorcat Tours Weddings

Check out our video about our wedding services.

Razorcat Tours Weddings.

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New website launched!

Yippee! Our new website is now up and running – many thanks to Toolkit Websites for producing it. It has a much fresher look and is easier to navigate (we hope!). Lots more photos too – of people having fun! We’d love to hear what you think of it and any ideas you may have for improvement.

We have several new tours too – one to Marlborough and one-off bike event tours for those who would love to experience a day out at a bike rally.

Check out ‘What our customers say’ section to find out what people think of our rides and tours.



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New website launch!

We will be launching our new website very soon. It has been created by Toolkit Websites and will have more enhanced features than our current site. Stay tuned for more news when we go live!

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A Valentine’s Day story

Timing is everything

Well, very soon it will be upon us. Up until now us blokes haven’t given it much thought, it’s just another January day, much like the day before. We meander around the newsagent looking for the next ‘Hot Wheels’ or this month’s ‘Music Mixing – Bedroom style’ magazine. We make our choice, line up, pay our money and then leave to sit on the nearest bench and immerse ourselves in our own little world of rally racing or planning the next sell out tour of the world. As long as we can breathe and walk at the same time we are happy, am I right?

However, looming in the back of our mind is the fact that (drum roll and cymbal crash) January will soon be over!!! Big deal – what does that mean you ask? No, not spring will soon be here. No, no, nothing to do with the fact that your sister-in-law arrives from Oz. No, this is much more significant than anything else. And so much more devastating if you get it wrong. I am talking about the fact that it will soon be ———— VALENTINE’S DAY.

February the 1st is the time to start sorting out the rest of the year. Us blokes have 13 days to decide what we are going to do to earn squillions of brownie points that we can tap into for the next 12 months – well, at least till Christmas. Women don’t realise how stressful this time of year is for us blokes. Get it right and you are made. She will look at you in a different light and feel all warm and cosy inside at the fact that ‘her man’ thought of this ‘all by himself’ and surprised her on this ‘special day’ – aah bless.

But get it wrong —  or worse still, answer the question ‘What day is it today?’ with the words ‘Thursday I think’, and you are dead meat my friend. You think you are miserable now? Boy you have no idea what’s in store for you from that day on. Oh yes she will say ‘Oh it doesn’t matter’ or ‘Never mind, I’ve got you’. But know this, it has been logged and placed in the file marked ‘Sticks to beat him with’. You have been warned.

Don’t forget though, it’s not all about what you buy for her. Sometimes, what you say carries a whole lot more weight than a bunch of flowers and who knows, she may even love you all the more for it, as the following story illustrates.

It’s all about what you say
After a Saturday night party the husband returned home late at night heavily drunk. Next day he woke up late with a hangover. He could hardly remember how he reached home and was scared about his wife being angry with him. But to his utter amazement he found a couple of headache tablets and a glass of water beside his bed.

He took the tablets and lay quietly. When feeling a little better, he looked around and to his astonishment he found that his wife had laid out fresh clothes for him to wear for when he wakes up.

Next, he found the bedroom and the rest of the house perfectly clean and in order. Now, he is completely bewildered — and nervous. He was sure his wife would be absolutely furious with him about the previous night. Then he discovered a loving note from his wife which read ‘Darling, I’m sorry I have to leave early in the morning because I have to go to the supermarket. I’ll cook your favourite dinner tonight. You’ll find your breakfast awaiting you in the kitchen’. Now, he really was worried! What was going on here?

In the kitchen he found his son having breakfast.

Man: Son, what happened last night? I was expecting your mother to be angry with me.

Son: Dad, you came home really late last night. Then you threw up on the sitting room carpet. It was in real mess. You then gave yourself a black eye by colliding with the door. Then when mum tried to undress you, you shouted, ‘Leave me alone lady, I’m married!’

Moral of the story is that saying the right thing even when you’re drunk can save you —  big time.

Happy Valentine’s day!

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We’ve won GOLD!

Here is our press release about our fantastic award received this week.

The champagne corks are popping today at Razorcat Tours because they have just been awarded a Gold Award for the Tourism Activity, Sport & Experience of the Year from the South West Tourism Excellence Awards. The awards night took place on Friday 8th February at Cornwall’s Eden Project, where 61 different awards were announced following a rigorous judging process in which over 300 entries were considered. “We are absolutely delighted by this very prestigious award,” said Frances Mackay, co-owner of the company, “As a new business it is fantastic that all our hard work in building this company has been recognised so publicly.”

Razorcat Tours was set up by husband and wife team Stewart and Frances Mackay in 2010, sparked by an idea whilst on a trip to Australia. The company uses a large motorised trike similar to the one Billy Connolly uses in his programmes, taking people on tours and rides around Bath and out into the Wiltshire countryside. “People love the experience,” said Stewart, “they get the thrill of motorbiking but it’s so safe that they can relax and enjoy the ride. It’s very popular for birthdays or anniversaries. Some people buy a ride as a surprise gift – the look on their faces when I turn up is priceless!”

Part of the judging process involved the use of secret shoppers who wrote comments about every aspect of the experience – from the very first phone call to the after sales service. “The secret shopper report was invaluable to us as business owners,” said Frances Mackay, “It gave us a totally unbiased insight into every aspect of our service – and we were very pleased to discover that we obtained top marks in all areas of the customer’s experience.”

Razorcat Tours has become a familiar sight around the city of Bath and photos of the trike regularly appear on social network sites around the world. “It’s the sort of machine you can’t ignore and people not only love to ride it but love to be photographed with it, it’s great PR!” said Stewart Mackay.

With two part-time drivers ready to start in the Spring of this year to cope with the increase in business, it is certain that Razorcat Tours is going to be cruising around Bath for some time yet.

Winners of the awards came from across the whole South West, from as far west as Scilly and east as Wiltshire, south as Devon & Cornwall and as far north as the Cotswolds.  Other local businesses to win Gold were The Roman Baths in Bath for Large Visitor Attraction of the Year and Bowood Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort in Wiltshire for the Business Tourism Award.

SWT Award 1south_west_award_2012-2013-gold

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Cup cake disaster?

Here at Razorcat we are always looking for ways to enhance our customers’ experience and make each ride as memorable as we can. With that in mind we called a meeting with the ideas department (That’s my wife Frances to me and you) to see how we could make Birthdays and special occasions that little bit more – er – special.
So Frances had the brill idea of personalised cupcakes, made to the customers spec, all topped off with a special message written in icing sugar.
A producer was sourced (Scrumptious Delights) and packaging sorted along with lots of other details which you don’t think needs doing when you make the statement – “Oh let’s offer cakes.” – Easy to say. Anyway, 50 tasks later, it was all sorted out, – how they would be ordered, when they would be made and delivered so they were very fresh etc etc. You know the sort of thing.
The other problem of course – they had to be transported, on the Razorcat, and remain intact in a cool box for as long as needed. That could be 4 hours if the celebration ride was not until the afternoon.
We thought that the cool box would not be up to it but we needn’t have worried. What did happen was that we didn’t plan on the Razorcat being as bouncy as it turned out to be.
I remember the first delivery well. It was the third ride of the day, it was bright and sunny and when the birthday girl came out to see that her surprise was a ride on the Razorcat she was over the moon. “That’s not all” I said proudly as I strolled to the back of the beast to undo the bag to get at the cool box, “ your hubby has ordered something special for you.” I opened the cool box. Then I opened the inside container, the anticipation was electric, we all waited, I pulled the beautifully ribbon wrapped box out of the cool box—and looked down (O – M – G — please, if the world was going to open up and swallow me – now would be a really good time). What I saw was a disrupted, confused, mashed up mess of what was once a nice neat set of six perfectly formed cupcakes. Not any more. For the last 4 hours they had broken their moorings and been bouncing around like they were inside a washing machine. Unreadable and unrecognisable as cupcakes. Red faced I offered my apologies – and the cakes, to the birthday girl.
It was great that they saw the funny side. We offered to have them made again, a refund, anything! They would not hear of it. If they are reading this then thank you for your understanding, but it was a close call.
Now? We use industrial grade icing sugar to stick those little swines to the box. They don’t move now – no sir.

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